Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Winter Wonderland 2012

I'm usually not too happy when it starts snowing, just because I hate being cold and it's inevitable in the winter.  But this year I'm trying to have a better attitude and think positive.  And dress in LOTS of layers:)  Here is part of our winter fun so far:)

We had our first snow storm a couple weekends ago!  We got up early that day for a meeting at the church, and then came home and shoveled our walks.  We were already cold and dressed for snow so I suggested to Justin that we should make a snowman!  It was so fun! 
Jumping into the snow- trust me not a soft landing. 

Our first snowman!  It was sooooo fun and I thought he was SO CUTE! 

It was pretty warm the next couple of days, and I was laughing so hard because our snowman apparently likes doing yoga...  I was amazed his head didn't fall off!  Fun stuff.

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